About Best Deal Spring

Photograph of Vance, Lynn, and Larry Carter

Vance Carter and his boys, Lynn and Larry.

65 Years Of Expertise

Best Deal Spring & Truck Parts has been serving the light and heavy-duty truck parts industry for over 65 years. The company is a third generation family owned and operated spring, suspension, and truck parts company. The company was started in 1950 by Vance Carter. Vance learned the trade of spring work while working with his Brother in law Ray Warren during World War 2. Ray owned a successful spring company in California called Warren Spring. When he returned to his home state of Utah he began the company of Best Deal Spring with his three boys -- Bill, Larry and Lynn. Vance lived by the philosophy of hard work and taking the best care possible of his customers. He never let anyone leave his store unhappy. Eventually Vance retired selling the company to his two boys Larry and Lynn.

Company History

From the beginning the company dealt mainly in the manufacture and repair of leaf springs. The Salt Lake valley and other parts of Utah had a great demand for leaf springs, and leaf spring repair. Some larger demand originating from large steel plant Geneva Steel, and the world's largest open-pit mine, Kennecott copper mine. In the mid 80's Best Deal Spring first began to stock suspension and other related truck parts to meet the growing demand for their services. The company continued to grow and expand over the years to meet the needs of customers around Utah and the western region.

Disaster Leads to Blessing In Disguise

On May 20th 2002 disaster struck when an oil tank used for quenching red-hot spring steel caught fire, and quickly became uncontrollable. The fire burned the building to the ground leaving little to be salvaged. The fire was the hottest ever recorded in Utah county history. The company's nine employees were uncertain of whether they would all be out of work. Lynn and Larry Carter, nearing retirement, were faced with a decision to try and pick up the remains of the company and forge ahead or to call it quits and leave the business for good.

Best Deal Forges Ahead

Larry and Lynn made a bold decision to continue the company and within 2 days the company was up and selling truck parts. They brought in a portable office container and stuffed a couple of computers inside and continued business. Not long after, they acquired a large building right across the street from their old one. The building allowed them to stock much needed inventory, which in turn made their business explode with opportunity. In 2009 after retiring, Larry and Lynn sold the company to Larry's son-in-law Scott Smith, and Lynn's son Mat Carter.

Under Scott Smith and Mat Carter The company has continued to expand its workforce and its coverage throughout Utah and neighboring states. Best Deal Spring continues to serve the light, medium and heavy-duty truck parts industry, by providing a workforce of skilled Mechanics, knowledgeable salesman, and more locations. In 2005 Best Deal Spring in Payson made some improvements to their location by adding a large 4 bay repair shop to accommodate large semi-trucks and trailers. In spring of 2007 the company began to make plans for opening their first branch location in Price Utah. The store proved to be successful there meeting the needs of the local coal industry. In 2011 Best Deal Spring opened its third location in St. George Utah, to better serve southern Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. About a year later in March 2012 Best Deal rented a building and established its forth location to serve the oil industry in Vernal, Utah. The Vernal store quickly outgrew its small rental building and Best Deal built its largest branch building. The store serves eastern Utah, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado.

The Future

Best Deal Spring continues to be at the forefront of the heavy-duty truck parts industry in Utah. The company prides itself in hard work, and dedication to honest and trustworthy business practices. With an ever-growing workforce of over 60+ employees, Best Deal Spring continues striving to better serve Utah and the western region, and will continue to do so in the future.

Our Mission Statement:

"We are the best at what we do. We will stand above the competition by providing our
customers with exceptional services, quality products, and unmatched customer support."
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