Watson Banded Steering Stabilizer Shock WC#11418 image

Watson Banded Steering Stabilizer Shock WC#11418

Part Number: 632155
The 646177 (632155) is a rugged and durable OEM replacement coil-over steering stabilizer built by Gabriel. They fit most Class 7 and Class 8 Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles with Steerable Lift Axles.
  • Reinforced arc-welded eye mounts prevent common failing pressure points and provide rugged durability
  • Unique gas cell design separates air and oil so shock functions properly while mounted in a horizontal position
  • OE-styled mounts for improved fit and improved durability
  • Rubber boot on inside of coils prevents dirt and debris from damaging the chrome shaft.
  • Banded to length with heavy duty steel banding for easy installation! Just cut the band once its installed!
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Shipping Weight: 9 lbs.
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Gabriel 646177 (632155) Banded Lift or Tag Axle Steering Stabilizer Shock

This is a genuine Gabriel 646177 (same as the 632155) tag axle shock that has been conveniently banded to make installation very easy! Many Steering stabilizer shocks on the market come uncompressed making them very difficult to install. Many mechanics resort to many different methods to try and install the uncompressed versions of this shock which can be dangerous and ineffective, costing you time and money. They can also put you and others of risk or injury due to the outward pressure caused by the steering stabilizers coil spring. With this banded version of steering stabilizer, installation time is cut down significantly, while keeping the installer safer! The 646177 features a rubber boot on the inside of the coils which protects the chrome shaft from dirt and debris that could damage it. It does NOT have a plastic boot over the coils found on many economy line shocks. Plastic boots on the outside of the coil eventually fill up with mud, rocks and debris which damage the chrome shaft and cause the shock to leak- this is the #1 cause of steering stabilizer shock failure.
Gabriel Ride Control products are known for providing Maximum safety, Maximum cost-efficiency, and Maximum durability for your fleet's needs. Gabriel has long been known for its quality, reliability and long service life of its shocks. Genuine Gabriel steering stabilizer shocks can provide you with the most cost-effective solution that will lead the way towards improved driving safety and comfort levels of all air-suspended commercial vehicles.
This is an extremely common replacement steering stabilizer shock and generally tends to fit most steer axle applications on the market.

Product specifications -

Extended Length: 22.45 (570.23 mm)
Collapsed Length: 14.10 (358.14 mm)
Stroke Length: 8.35" (212.09 mm)
Banded Length: (c to c): 18.25
Bushing Type: Rubber w/ steel inner sleeve
Mounting Holes:
(Smaller bolts can be accommodated with nylon bushings see part numbers- 632155SB1/2 for 1/2" bolt size or 632155SB5/8 for 5/8" bolt size)

OEM Manufacturer Cross Reference:

Granning Suspensions: 70101701
Hendrickson Suspension: A 14496
Link/HiSteer: 12100001
Monroe: 66502
NeWay Suspension Systems: 632155
Oshkosh Motors/Mcneilius: 2034140
SAF Holland 646201
Spring Valley Suspensions: 632155
Suspensions, Inc: 200188
Tuthill Technologies: 66502
Watson & Chalin: 11418 (Used with 980060 Steering Stab Kit.)
Fleetline: 646155
Mcneilus: 0188206
and many more - compare dimensions to your current application.
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