Leaf Spring Shop: A 65-Year Legacy

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Leaf spring repair and manufacture has been at the heart of our business since the company was started in 1950. Decades of experience and expertise gives us the knowledge and tools to provide you with quality repair work, at a great price. Best Deal Spring carries the largest stock and widest variety of leaf springs in Utah, and we're proud to be one of the largest leaf spring shops still in operation in the West. Whether you're looking to lift your pickup, replacing the leaf springs in your semi trailer, or creating custom leaf springs for your equipment, we're here to help.

Our Leaf Spring Capabilities

Not only do we have a huge inventory of leaf springs on-hand, but we can also custom build them to meet your specific needs and applications. With half a century of experience in leaf springs, we can do it all. This includes firming springs up or lightening them up to meet your application's specific needs. We can also arch and custom build springs to fit custom applications. Best Deal Spring employs a full-time leaf spring repair shop, which can allow us to repair your existing leaf springs, saving you money!

Leaf Spring Repair

  • Broken leaf replacement
  • Re-arching and add-a-leaf
  • Weak, sagging, or fatigued leaf spring repair
  • Re-bushing of leaf spring eyes or other suspension components
  • Catastrophically bent springs due to car wrecks or other accidents
  • Spring clip repair
  • Spring isolator replacement

Custom Leaf Springs

  • Build-up springs for increased spring capacity
  • Custom add-a-leafs
  • Custom helper springs
  • Custom leaf springs
  • Custom lift or lowering springs
  • Custom springs for other applications: restorations, wagons, equipment, etc.

From light-duty pickup trucks and trailers to heavy-duty semi trucks and trailers, Best Deal Spring is your spring and suspension service expert. Be sure to contact your nearest location in Utah today to talk to us about your leaf spring repair and custom leaf spring manufacture needs.

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