Heavy-Duty Truck Alignments

Locations that offer Alignments

  • Best Deal Spring Payson
  • Best Deal Spring Salt Lake

At Best Deal Spring, we do alignments on light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty trucks and vehicles of all types. This includes pickup trucks, vans, flatbeds, box trucks, buses, semi trucks, dump trucks, refuse vehicles, cranes, and many others. We align the front and rear axles on the vehicle as well as on heavy-duty trailer axles.

Vehicle alignment is critical. When your truck is new, it offers a tight and smooth ride from the factory. Over time this smoothness and tightness can slowly transform into a sloppy feel that vibrates, shudders, and pulls to one side or the other. This is caused from the normal wear and tear of work environments, rough roads, overloading, and other factors. Even just an eighth of an inch off on your front tire alignment, and your truck could be pulling sideways roughly twenty-eight feet per mile! If your truck isn't offering you the same tightness that it used to and is rattling, shuddering, and pulling along the road, then your truck may need a wheel alignment.

Improper Truck Alignment Can Cause a Number of Problems

With improper alignment of your truck's wheels, you may experience difficulty handling the truck's steering, which can cause safety issues. Improper alignment can cause tires to wear unevenly and sooner than they would otherwise. If you notice that your tires are not wearing evenly, then you might have an alignment issue. By bringing your truck in to Best Deal Spring, we can check and ensure that your wheel alignment is correct, and we can restore the tightness and smoothness that it had when it was new. Not only will your vehicle be easier and safer to drive, but doing a wheel alignment today can save you money and frustration from premature failing parts and tires.

When Should I Have My Truck Aligned?

Generally, it is a good idea to have your truck checked out if it begins to feel sloppy or pull to one side. Leaving the issues unchecked can leave your vehicle vulnerable to bigger problems and issues in the future. Its also a good idea to have a wheel alignment when you purchase a set of new tires. Tires are not only expensive, but they are designed to help with overall truck performance and fuel mileage. When your front or rear axle alignment is off, not only will tire life be decreased, but overall fuel costs will increase. With fluctuating high fuel prices, having your truck's alignment evaluated is money well spent.

Steering, Suspension, & Brakes

It is also good to consider having a wheel alignment when you have work done on your steering, suspension, or brakes. Worn steering, suspension, and brake components can have a big impact on the operation and feel of your truck. Worn tie-rod ends, drag links, and king pins can cause your steering to jerk and feel sloppy. Broken leaf springs and worn bushings can cause the vehicle to lean and can cause vehicle unbalance. They can also cause rattling, vibration, and shudder. Worn or imbalanced brakes can cause the vehicle to pull to one side. It is always important to consider steering, suspension, and brakes when thinking about an alignment.

Protect Your Investment

A wheel alignment may not sound like a critical part of properly maintaining your truck, but it is. By making sure that your truck is properly aligned, you can experience a tighter, safer ride that can protect the investment you have made on your truck by making it run as efficiently as possible.

Does your truck need an alignment? If your truck needs an alignment or if it has steering or suspension issues, contact us or give us a call to schedule an appointment today. Our experienced mechanics will have your truck tracking and riding like new in no time, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

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